Executive Planner: Software Projects (Part 2 of 6)


Step Two

Formulate a detailed blueprint for your team


Every project needs a detailed blueprint. Whether one is a construction project manager, or one is a software project manager, both jobs require clear, concise, and detailed instructions to insure a successful outcome. And, for every project, one must have well-defined, achievable, and measurable goals to gauge the final outcome of the project.

The more detail that can be captured upfront will lessen the chance of project creep, and budget over runs; plus, the proficiency of a team’s upfront work effort can maximize a projects’ outcome and its potential ROI results.

Often project stakeholders – executives and/or power users – have unique goals that are specific to their position, their department, or for their area of responsibility. All collective goals should be documented within the project plan, prioritized, and agreed upon by the team prior to the project starting.

Project Reasons and Characteristics

The need or reason for a project may be the result of valid internal requirements (specific business needs), or external requirements (specific legal reasons or cost-of-doing business). Whatever the reason, there should be ample supporting details in the planning documents.

Aside from goals, projects may be influenced in some form by budgets, resources, events, activities, and time. Each of these should be clearly detailed in the project’s blueprint.

One universal goal for all team members and stakeholders should be to have no surprises, hidden costs, or unexpected results at the end of the project.

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