Executives are busy. Who isn’t?

Executive Reality Check (Part 1)

Being a corporate executive means one has a corporate responsibility. And, even busy corporate executives need to stop and take a business reality check from time to time.

Executives, here is your first reality check of 2017.

REQUEST: Consider these business critical questions

  1. How does your company measure progress?
    • Are your business performance metrics meaningful and timely?
    • Are you leading or lagging your competition? How would you know?
  2. How well does your supply chain software perform?
    • Is your supply chain software more than five years old?
    • Is it time to replace or retire your software model? How do you really know?
  3. Business models change daily. Does your supply chain software keep pace?
    • Is your supply chain software encouraging or constraining growth?
    • When did you last perform a supply chain software review?

DECISION: If you found any of your answers lacking to these questions, then what are you going to do about it?

ACTION: Hoping issues will soon go away is not much of a business strategy. Reaching out to supply chain experts for help is a business strategy that works. Address your shortfalls and re-prioritize your business goals.

Time is money, accordingly to Benjamin Franklin. What are you waiting for? How much are you willing to lose before you invest in a change?

Author: HorneMobile

World Traveler. Novelist with a day job. SME on supply chain solutions. SME on supply chain mobility. SME on Enterprise ERP solutions.

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